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xpressoHack, Abzooba’s Internal Hackathon

The world is dealing with a pandemic and staying at home is now more important than ever. Just like many other things, xpressoHack came to a standstill late in March and had to be postponed.

The xpresso and Advanced Analytics teams, however, combined their efforts to put together a remote hackathon. xpressoHack commenced on April 1st. The objective was to predict the daily number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the world and uncover insights using active COVID-19 cases data. Using xpresso.ai was one of the key factors concerning the hackathon as it provided an excellent opportunity for our associates to familiarize themselves with the platform. xpresso.ai is an Integrated Development, Deployment, and Management Environment (IDDME) that eases the task of developing, deploying, and monitoring AI projects with increased efficiency, minimizing project turnaround time.

Teams participated with vigor, investing additional time and effort to compete in the event while continuing to work on business projects in parallel. Teams having members engaged with project deliverables started late yet produced great results nonetheless. Participants made effective and extensive use of videoconferencing tools. In the end, nine teams were able to submit solutions. Some teams even developed interactive dashboards with visualizations to communicate insights.

All in all, the event was a success, with an effective launch of the xpresso.ai platform. The hackathon helped associates to get acquainted with the platform while collaborating from home helped sharpen their teamwork and remote communication skills. The xpresso team benefited as well by obtaining feedback essential to the improvement of the platform.

Learn more about xpresso.ai through training and confluence documentations. Suggestions and contributions are always welcome.

We look forward to receiving your feedback. You can send questions or suggestions to pr@abzooba.com or sales@abzooba.com.
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