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Demand Forecasting & Price Optimization

Price Optimization Models are mathematical programs that calculate how demand varies at different price levels. It then combines that data with information on costs and inventory levels to recommend prices that will improve profits.

Few decisions have as large an impact on the success of your business as optimising prices. Maximize profits with the help of our price recommendation engine.

Loss Prevention in Retail using Computer Vision

Bottom of Basket (BoB) items are frequently overlooked or forgotten at checkout, due to factors such as long queues of impatient customers and distracted chashiers. Our deep learning based solution identifies items left on the bottom of the shopping cart.

BoB shrinkage adds additional pressure to already thin margins for retailers. Our solution delivers real-time loss prevention while enhancing front-end efficiency.

Contactless Checkout

For a shopper, nothing can be more annoying than waiting in a long line for a single sales associate at a single open register. Contactless checkout is an innovative self-service solution that helps retailers to reduce the checkout; and enhance the in-store shopping experience.

This pre-processing solution augments the checkout process to make sure that you get paid for every item at every checkout.

Markdown Analytics

Optimizing markdowns is a complex decision as ‘too much too soon’ markdowns reduce the revenue potential and ‘too little too late’ markdowns increase the risk of ending the season with elevated levels of inventory.

Markdown planning provides a critical opportunity to maximize revenues for short and long lifecycle merchandise.

Email Classification

Emails have become one of the major applications in daily life. Every day employees have to read e-mails and then analyse, sort and forward them to the respective agent. Organizations are looking for ways to make this process more efficient in order to improve service and free up the staff.

If the growth of incoming mail is burying your employees under an avalanche of data, you’re in need of a solution than can optimize the email classification and distribution process.

Unified Customer Experience Management Suite

Customers are twice as likely to share their bad experiences as opposed to talking about their positive experiences. Our Omni-Channel listening platform contextualizes conversations into business contexts, and measures sentiments and expressions around it to gain actionable insights.

Collect feedback across multiple channels, analyse sentiments, discover customer pain points and take immediate action to improve the customer’s perception about your brand.

Smart Chatbot

Online shopping advisors: the automated and smart contextual messaging systems can handle conversations in natural language, understand needs, and provide an in-store shopping experience online while assisting the customer till the purchase has been made.

Add value for the customer with conversational commerce by designing experiences that reduce consumer effort while making shopping fun and authentic.

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