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DevOps Build Foresight

The DevOps foresight identifies patterns using deep analytics of historical data from the client’s toolchain, predicts the future risk of releases using those patterns and shows how to reduce that risk.

The solution helps organizations to confidently release new applications and adapt to change at any speed that the business demands.

Incident Resolution Recommendation

The recommendation system based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning NLP methods examines similar incidents in the past and suggests possible recommendation to resolve the problem.

Improved resolution turnaround time, enhanced customer satisfaction and minimized business impacts caused by delays in service.

Citizen Sensing Solution

The solution listens to the voice of the citizens in quasi-real-time, detects and understands trending topics in different sectors, brings out citizen sentiment and sends immediate alerts to the concerned departments before it gets viral.

Gain control over any significant temporal and/or spatial spikes in the negative sentiments and emotions like fear and anger.

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