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Rekha McCarthy – Story of Women Empowerment

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My passion for technology was born when I started my internship at IBM while attending NC State and after graduation, I never looked back. I moved to Silicon Valley and started my IT career and it just flourished from there.  I started off working in Market Research, Software Licensing, IT Consulting and now selling Big Data, Cloud and AI/ML project-based work.

Along my career, I have learned a few things that helped me and hopefully can empower other women:

  1. Have confidence in yourself. As women, we are sometimes our worst enemies thinking we aren’t good enough or that we don’t know enough. But we are enough, and we have to start to believe in ourselves.
  2. Don’t give up! Sometimes as working moms, we feel like we can’t meet the demand of work and our families especially our children. It takes extraordinary grit, perseverance, and triumph to success to stay in the game. Choose yourself. You are worth it!
  3. Recognize and support other women in technology. Get involved and become role models and mentors to each other. We need to coach the next generation of females to get educated in STEM, Computer Science, and Engineering.
  4. Be the change- Unfortunately, the presence of women in technology in the 21st century has not changed much during my career. A lot of times, I am the only female in a meeting with other male peers, but I don’t let that hold me back. Keep your head up high and be your authentic self. Challenge and drive change.
  5. Surround yourself with the winners with other talented women. Find likeminded allies with whom you can build a professional and personal bond.

I will end with this quote for International Women’s Day- “She believed she could, so she did”- R.S. Grey

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