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Anushree Sarkar: As a young woman professional in Modern Workplace

Abzooba Admin

When we talk about experience, we talk about the journey and the ongoing journey towards the destination. My journey before Abzooba was a “bitter sweet symphony”. Womens’ existence in this society is no mystery to anyone and so has been mine. Time and again people and situations have made me realise that though India and Indians are liberal on pen and paper, Freedom is not something given to a girl or a woman without asking for it. “Feminism” Has quite not been my thing because I don’t like putting this in boxes and categories. I think it’s devaluing someone. But I am a firm believer in equality- it breaks boundaries.

But since Abzooba, my life has been different, adapting to its culture was like sipping a banana smoothie. I didn’t have to worry about or question my acceptance after stepping into Abzooba premises. All this time, all the horrible corporate sector stories I have had ears on seemed fainting away. The working culture in Abzooba is not derived by any gender discrimination, or age, or race, or religion but your talent, your inclusion and a motivation to grow. In my opinion this is what is meant by Equality – an equal opportunity. This is just a story of one workplace, but as I came across other workplace stories from my friends, the stories didn’t seem much different than mine. I write today with a hope, to reach far beyond the “so called” boundaries. I say – We come and experience on our own, rather than believing in others’ stories, let’s create our own.

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