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Ankita Gupta – Career Come back

Abzooba Admin

“Where are Ivaana’s Jammies?”, my husband asked. “Second stack from the left, back row.”, I responded, while trying to get my daughter out of her day clothes. A swift memory crossed my mind when a hiring manger would ask where we would get a certain skilled candidate from, and I would instantly respond with the same clarity.

Whenever I pondered, how many people really love what they do? The answer was… only a few! Well, I was one of them. The urge to re-unite with my better half moved me to Texas last year, only to take me away from a thriving career in India. The relocation was followed by the blessing we received from the heavens above in the form of our daughter and the entire world bombarded me with the quirks like “What a perfect time to plan a baby, you get to be with her all the time without job. You would be a complete Mom!”. Little did they know this Mom was incomplete without her pre-baby identity and was seeking an opportunity to get back into the game as soon as she could. The day my bub turned 6 months old, I ensured the world knew that this passionate hunter was hunting for a job.

After a few weeks, this opportunity knocked on my door and I was intrigued. The name excited me first, followed by the technology landscape that Abzooba has gained expertise in. The challenging role totally enticed me even further and the current work from home scenario just fit the bill. I was promised an unlimited opportunity space to deliver and develop the Recruitment function soaring it to new heights. Less than 6 months into the organization, and I can already see that none of the promises were false. I am a proud Abzoobian already and feel lucky to be part of this workplace, that offers nothing but Excellence and Equality. Here is a shoutout to all working mothers for whom the work-life balance seems impossible, yet you make it possible. For the others, I want to remind you all that you won’t get THERE by wishing for it, or hoping for it, but by working for it! Work Hard, Stay Positive and Make it Happen. Choose to Challenge! Last, but not the least, all women are working women… Only a few are salaried. As Marilyn Monroe said, “We are all Stars and we deserve to Twinkle”.


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