Abzooba is an AI Institution serving each layer of AI development and deployment. Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Image recognition, and Natural Language Understanding is the nerve-centre of our Cognitive adoption.

This AI based technology journey can be classified in 3 broad segments – Data Engineering, Data Science and AIOps

Big Data and Cloud

To collect data and make it AI ready

Distributed and parallel architecture supports lightning quick data processing and real-time insight mining.
Scalable data lake allows data ingestion from various structured and unstructured data sources.
Expertise in the latest tools and technologies of Big Data stack - Apache Spark, Nifi, Hadoop, Solr, PySpark, Lucene, Cassandra, Hive etc.

Advanced Analytics

Solve specific business problems through AI

Advanced Deep Neural Network for pinpoint precision
Optimal use of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning to solve industry-specific business problems
Smart, conversational agent through deep natural language understanding
Deep learning based computer vision algorithm to gather actionable insight from images


Creating an Infrastructure for enterprise to make AI production ready and usable

Integrated Development, Deployment and Management environment to make any robust AI solution live and attain faster speed to market
Use of Kubernetes and Docker to deploy efficient AI in production.
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