Using Human-AI partnership for Improving customer experience and business processes in the retail industry

Loss Prevention in Retail using Computer Vision...
The “Bottom of Basket (BoB) is a retail phenomena which results in billions of revenue loss. Abzooba addresses this problem with TensorFlow, VGG16 on ImageNet and Convolutional Neural Network to build maximized accuracy
$60,000 per annum better profit for a medium sized departmental store
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Our Chatbot is your customers fashion advisor...
Abzooba’s platform is a smart chatbot which could double-up as your online fashion advisor. Shopping experiences on our AI assisted framework provides a memorable experience for your customers especially when it comes to the user experience differentiation.
Shopping Made Easy: Shopping experiences on our AI assisted framework provide a memorable experience.
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Price Optimization...
Price Optimization has direct impact on revenue and profitability. Our engine has the capability to derive connections from varied and complex parameters to compute optimization strategy which would be in sync with the business goals of an enterprise.
Abzooba price recommendation engine has helped our clients gain over 18% increase in profit.
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Contactless Checkout...
Contactless checkout is an out of the box self-service solution that helps retailers to shorten the checkout time for their consumers, and enhance the overall in-store shopping experience.
Faster check-out for customers = wider smiles
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Markdown Solution Analytics...
The Markdown optimization solution empowers retailers to plan, optimize and execute profitable markdown decisions for short and long lifecycle merchandise. Our research shows markdown optimization can capture 5% to 15% of incremental revenue for retailers.
Accurate lift prediction and reduced inventory provides better working capital to enterprise
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Automated Mail classification...
Increasing satisfaction levels from 63% to 84% and response by an Automated Mail Categorizer within 48 hours to meet Service level Agreements is a value-chain benefit. We have experience in turning this around for our partners.
A company connected to its customers real-time generates loyalty.
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Unified Customer Experience Management Suite...
Customer Insight is a key component to success in digital transformation journey for any enterprise. By providing an Omni-Channel listening platform that integrates AI Knowledge and actionable customer insights Abzooba distinguishes itself in the Cognitive Expertise space. Our offerings include...
An organic 35% increase in social following and a whopping 27% reduction in customer complains are just a few of the benefits our clients are experiencing.
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