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Centralized DELTA Lake Using Trino

In this talk, we discuss how we used Trino as one centralized consumption layer from where different business units and their Business Intelligence teams consumed the data to enable generating valuable insights of the data. The biggest advantage of introducing Trino as part of this architecture is having inventories of all the ingested data in one place. It became easy to leverage control on the consumption of the data as it always allowed to audit who has access to what kind of data and where it came from etc. The federated queries in Trino allowed access to the object storages, all in the same query.

Day, Date and time: Tuesday | September 20, 2022 | 5:30PM – 6:30PM, EDT
Reserve your spot: https://pxla.xyz/QEngYqG

About Abzooba

Abzooba works in many industries around the globe to simplify complex data architectures. A giant food and beverage client has multiple Azure ADLS accounts based on different projects and their data classification. Many times they needed to copy data across many of these accounts through an ingestion process used various tools supported by the platform team viz. This includes Azure Data Factory, Databricks, NiFi, Trifacta etc. and this was an incredibly slow and difficult to manage. They needed a solution that offered central access for each team but didn’t require storing multiple copies of the data and maintaining a lot of pipelines.

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