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Abzooba Announces Successful Enterprise AI Deployment

Abzooba Inc., a global provider of cognitive science and analytics solutions, today announced the completion of one of its largest deployment of enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. The solution accumulates content from multiple repositories and websites, and enables a natural language query across the whole corpora. This includes using natural language to search for pictures, graphs, charts, videos, infographics, and tabular data in addition to textual content. The solution workflow comprises intelligent crawlers, computer vision, natural language processing, word representations, and deep learning algorithms.

The solution was executed in record time leveraging Abzooba’s xpresso.ai platform, a component- based accelerator for AI solutions. The components are delivered as micro-services deployed on GPU clusters in the cloud to scale across a global enterprise. The client expects to achieve over a 10- fold increase in efficiency for information retrieval and interpretation.

Abzooba is one of the first enterprise cognitive solution providers to cross the AI chasm from proof-of- concept to enterprise deployment. “We are proud and fortunate to experience first-hand AI in action in a global enterprise” quoted Dr. Arnab Bose, Managing Director at Abzooba and the architect of the AI solution. Added Mr. Rajiv Pratap, Abzooba’s Chief Operating Officer, “Abzooba has taken AI from proof-of-concept experiments to enterprise-wide deployment – (Abzooba) has gone where no one has been before”. In an article titled “AI is relatively easy, until the enterprise gets involved”, Dr. Inderpal Bhandari, Global Chief Data Officer at IBM, reverberates a similar sentiment – “People don’t really understand what enterprise AI is.”

Abzooba continues to deliver the power of AI to large enterprises. It is using the xpresso.ai accelerators to instrument the cognitive journey of several Fortune 500 companies across retail, healthcare, financial services, and semiconductor verticals.

About Abzooba

Abzooba Inc. is a cognitive sciences company headquartered in Milpitas, California. Abzooba’s xpresso.ai is a new generation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) platform that simplifies and accelerates enterprise-wide adoption of AI solutions. Abzooba is the AI partner for several Fortune 500 companies across financial services, retail, healthcare, and semiconductor industries.

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