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Case Study: Retail

Unified customer experience management suite

Business Problem:

A global Quick Service Restaurant Chain operating in India for over a decade is the fastest growing country within the company. With fast growth comes unforeseen challenges, one such new-age digital challenge is omni-channel listening platform connected to analytics for actionable knowledge.

Abzooba Solution:

  • Using’s NLP components, a customer 360 feedback management platform has been created with the utilization of 3 modules – Data/Feedback Collection, Distillation, and Dissemination.
  • Apache Storm is used to crawl huge volume of data in near real time.
  • Customization of the NLP Engine was done to distill feedback across various aspects.
  • Output of NLP engine is being represented through visualizations in the form of dashboards, delivered over a secured web application.

Business Benefits:

  • Increase in Zomato rating from 2 to 4.1.
  • Average 35% organic increase in Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • 27% reduction in customer complaint combining enterprise CRM and email.
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