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Case Study: Retail

Increase efficiency by automating email classification

Business Problem:

It is imperative for businesses to have automated email categorizer to reach out to relevant customers for relevant campaigns.

Abzooba Solution:

  • Property and Casualty Subrogation Analytics.
    • A heavy rise in volumes of received emails was translating into an increase in personnel and increase in cost required to handle.
    • The first step was to channelize all emails in the client’s domain through a categorization database with the help of a ‘customized email fetcher’
    • xpresso was used as core engine to categorize through Natural Language Understanding, our expertise made us recommend 2-Level categorizer:
      • Application-based: the solution was trained to understand whether the recipient is a client, a merchant or a supplier; falling under the survey campaign or the registration campaign, etc., based on the metadata (headers, sender name, etc.).
      • xpresso-based: In this level, xpresso was used to categorize the emails by subject, such as queries, change requests, undeliverable, etc., by analysing the raw email text body
    • The combined output was run past the database and made assessable to their communications teams via web application. To automate further, an Auto-response mechanism was implemented to trigger to certain pre-defined rules.
  • Real-time Healthcare Bigdata Analytics
    • Insightful Business Optimization Metrics on segments like Patient Adherence, ProviderManagement, Finance Management, Pharmacy, Inventory Management was made available to external clients besides internal stakeholders with a complete Big data platform with BI and Advanced analytics solution including Data Lake.
    • 88% Average accuracy for adherence prediction achieved.

Business Benefits:

Increased operational efficiency, better visibility of email flow and an organized view of all emails, alert messages and pre-defined responses helped the communications team track incidents and maintain their Service Level Agreements.