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Case Study: Retail

Contactless Checkout is the new retail mantra for increased satisfaction

Business Problem:

Increased footfalls in retail stores ends up in long queues at check-out. AI and Cognitive expertise can help solve this problem especially for large retail chains.

Abzooba Solution:

A large retail chain based in Hong Kong uses our cognitive expertise across 350 retail outlets to reduce check-out time for their customers.

Abzooba implemented end to end flow of contactless checkout solution by the following steps:

  • Labeling: Have SKU/instance specific bounding box annotations on the captured (and/or synthetic) scene images
  • Training: Learn a deep neural net to detect the correct SKU instances from a scene
    • Object detection using Tensorflow for 10 classes
    • Faster-RCNN with ResNet101 based model
    • Accuracy: 93% mean Precision
  • Inference model: Published the best performing model on cloud/premise/device
  • Get JSON response – list of SKU/barcodes
  • Communicate with billing software
  • Share barcodes/SKU info to generate bill on the billing software

Business Benefits:

Abzooba developed Computer Vision object detection model with 93% mean precision. The client observed a 75% reduction in checkout time, from ~6 seconds to ~1.5 seconds.

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