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Sentiments going viral could have adverse effects on business or governance

Business Problem:

With widespread social media, opinions are coming in by the millions and issues being discussed if not caught by the enterprise or governing body could become situation critical.

Abzooba Solution:

Ministry of Communication and Information, of one of developed nations of SE Asia, wanted to listen to the voice of their citizens in quasi-real time. Understand top trending topics in different sectors, bring out citizen sentiment and send immediate alert to concerned department before it becomes viral.

Abzooba’s domain knowledge is customized based on regional characteristics. Pre-defined categories are created to classify citizen feedback. The application then ingests unstructured data from any source in the internet – social networking websites to mainstream media, in real- time, to provide actionable insights. Using xpresso the citizens’ voice is classified into different expression types (advocacy, suggestion, complaint, etc.) and are related to appropriate aspects and entities. The application tracks topics, activities, events and analyses social conversations or statements by extracting and quantifying the sentiments, expression and emotions attached to them.

Business Benefits:

The government has good control on any significant temporal and/or spatial spikes in the negative sentiments and emotions like fear and anger. Specific alerts are generated on the dashboard for relevant stake holders. This resulted in multi-fold operational efficiency.

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