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Case Study: Healthcare

Analysis of Echocardiogram Data has never been this easy

Business Problem:

A medical hospital wanted a solution that would allow them to retrieve and analyze ECG data, which was being stored in fragmented data storage with inadequate metadata.

Abzooba Solution:

  • has been used to migrate data (relational data for patient demographics, findings, text notes and image data in DICOM standard) to an integrated data lake based on Hadoop.
  • The solution comprises of Big Data components that includes Apache Solr as the federated search platform, seamlessly integrated to a data lake.
  • image processing components that use Machine Learning are employed to generate relevant metadata for each ECG image.
  • The solution is enabling quick and informative image retrieval from the integrated Hadoop data lake.

Business Benefits:

  • Efficiency of processing huge volumes of image metadata at scale has increased by almost 70% and is enabling end users to derive quicker insights of ECG images.
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