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Migration & Analysis of Images


For a healthcare provider based in Pennsylvania​

Business Problem

  • Our client had ECG data stored in fragmented data storages
  • The goal was to create a data lake, to enable image processing capabilities from an unified data pipeline
  • The efficiency provided by the legacy system was not up to the mark

Abzooba’s Solution:

  • Flexible On-Prem Hadoop environment for data lake
  • Integration of multiple sources for data ingestion into data lake, in multiple formats, supporting ad hoc analysis
  • Spark-Scala was used to process the DICOM images and the team also developed and published a 3rd party Spark library to aid this task
  • Search interface for users to extract DICOM images and perform analysis.
  • Generation of relevant metadata for each ECG image using machine learning and image processing components

Business Benefits:

  • Real-time access to:
    • patient demographic data
    • textual information
    • measurement values
    • DICOM image data
  • Increase efficiency of processing huge volumes of image metadata by 70%

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