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Data Ingestion Pipeline


For one of the world’s oldest & largest investment management organization

Business Problem

  • Ingest data from internal systems and third- party broker sources
  • Identify the root sales associate foe each transaction
  • Client wants to improve the accuracy of the sales crediting process for its sales associates

Abzooba’s Solution:

  • Designed and developed ingestion framework (Data Late Centric Architecture)
  • Executed business use cases like Trade matching, Plan Sponsor matching (Using Plan sponsor details from MDM)
  • Identified and mitigated challenges with the current MDM implementation – data duplication, data quality
  • Provided recommendations on MDM strategy

Business Benefits:

  • A Configurable transaction processing system which is adaptable to ever changing business rules with no/minimal code changes.​
  • Reducing Manual effort for plan matching and plan sponsor matching in area of Institutional Retirement ​

Tech Stack

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