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Data Extraction & Consolidation


For a global investment management company

Business Problem

  • Our client wanted to ingest and process data on cloud-based consolidation engine​
  • They also wanted roll-up and visualization capabilities

Abzooba’s Solution:

  • Reporting components (semantic layers & reports/ dashboards) for ~35 views
  • Specialized data store/table structure and data refresh approach
  • Extraction of actuals & forecast from Workday
  • Ingestion of consolidated data back into Workday
  • Data collation (Actuals – available entries in Workday + Current Year)
  • Informatica BDM based File Extraction jobs
  • Informatica BDM based File Archival Jobs
  • Batch programs for Budget Load and Data Scrub

Business Benefits:

  • File from Workday split into multiple files and made available to budget owners to download
  • Updated data from database is reconciled into a consolidated file and uploaded to SFTP for review

Tech Stack

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