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Contactless Checkout: Reduce Checkout Time


Multinational chain of convenience store based in Arizona

Business Problem

For a shopper, nothing can be more annoying than waiting in a long line for a single sales associate at a single open register


Speed up the retail checkout process by reducing the checkout time

Abzooba’s Solution:

  • Built a deep learning solution to identify the products on the checkout counter
  • A couple of cameras, adjacent to the counter, placed perpendicularly to each other to prevent occlusion, provides input to the system
  • Object detection is done using TensorFlow for 10 classes
  • A deep neural net comprised of Faster-RCNN with ResNet101 based model is being used to detect SKU instances
  • The output is directly provided to the billing software to generate an automated invoice
  • The sales associate can also validate the same before the invoice is generated

Business Benefits:

  • Augments the checkout process, reducing the checkout time by almost 45%
  • Detection accuracy of 93%
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