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Citizen Sensing Solution


The Ministry of Communication & Information of a SE Asian Nation

Business Problem

Our client wanted to listen to the voice of their citizens in quasi-real-time and understand top trending topics in different sectors


Analyse citizen sentiments and send alerts immediately to the concerned department, before it becomes viral

Abzooba’s Solution:

  • Pre-defined categories were created to classify citizen feedback
  • The application ingests unstructured data from any source in the internet, in real-time, to provide actionable insights
  • Citizen feedback is classified into different expression types (advocacy, suggestion, complaint, etc.) and are related to appropriate aspects and entities
  • The application tracks topics, activities, events and analyses social conversations or statements by extracting and quantifying the sentiments, expression and emotions attached to them

Business Benefits:

Generate alerts for any spikes in the negative sentiments and emotions like fear and anger

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