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Xpresso AI Shoptalk

Abzooba Admin

Xpresso.ai/Xpresso CommerceTM was launched at Shoptalk, 2017.

Shoptalk is a retail and ecommerce event that covers the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy—from new technologies and business models to changes in consumer preferences and expectations. Shoptalk attracted over 5400 attendees – CEO’s, Senior Executives, from retailers, brands, technology and media companies.

About Xpresso.AI and Xpresso CommerceTM

At xpresso.ai we combine the power of Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision, and Predictive Analytics to solve some of the most complex and challenging issues across multiple verticals such as retail, financial services and healthcare.

The conversational commerce platform, xpresso commerce™ powered by xpresso.ai will let retailers transition to next generation commerce solutions using xpresso Smart Advisor, Personalization, Visual Intelligence and Analytics. Our platform learns from every consumer and user interaction on your conversational interfaces, personalizes and enriches every interaction in real time, and finds the best way to target and engage consumers during their shopping journeys. xpresso commerce™ knows the needs & interests of retailers and brands, so they can engage the consumers using the right message at the right time via the right channel to provide unmatched consumer experience.

Our platform enables insight-driven omni-channel consumer engagement at scale. This natural evolution makes it easier for retailers and brands to communicate with their audience – whether it’s online, mobile, in-store consumers – and increase brand loyalty.

What is different in Xpresso CommerceTM?

Smart Advisor – an intelligent digital assistance that engages consumers in timely and personalized conversation throughout the shopping journey from research to purchase through their preferred messaging platform, be it Facebook Messenger, Kick, Slack, Skype etc.

Personalization – The personalization and recommendation engine allows consumers to shop based on their personal style and size preferences, events, occasions and locations based on the purchase history and consumer profiles providing the most personalized shopping advice.

Visual Intelligence – Recommendations are provided by the visual recommendation engine from the product catalogue, based on images shared by the consumer. The consumers can take a photo or select any from the internet and enquire about similar content from the product catalogue.

Analytics – The Analytics engine includes technology that enables analysis and visualization of structured data to improve retailers’ decision-making. Retailers can track consumers’ paths and trends to drive strategy and enable higher conversion ratio, greater shopper retention and improved engagement.

Why Xpresso CommerceTM?

Xpresso CommerceTM provides a new channel for consumer engagement in a messaging platform of choice.

It creates an immersive, intuitive and engaging experience by personalizing consumer experience.

Retailers are empowered to provide consistent experience by offering differentiated product selections in conversational interfaces. It also provides deep insights into consumers and their behaviours, shopping patterns and sentiment.

Xpresso CommerceTM uses Deep Learning/Machine Learning algorithms based on the insights from existing data, Computer Vision/Image Recognition algorithms that process and analyse images for the visual intelligence engine. Virtual Personal Assistants/Intelligent Software Agents offer personalized support based on the feedback and behaviour of each user.

Natural Language Understanding enables the engine to convert human language input to understandable representations; to understand exact words and derive meaning from sound clips of human speech. The other technologies that contribute to its proper functioning are Recommendation Engines that comprehends a consumers’ persona, preference and interest, Context Aware Computing algorithms that adapt the personal assistant behaviour as per users’ environment such as location and Cognitive Analytics algorithms utilize predictive data models and software platforms that analyse behavioural data to create actionable insights.

Overall, Xpresso CommerceTM stands as a gateway of opportunities for both consumers and retailers.

Imagine having the ability to talk to your favourite brand and tell them that you are looking for a blue suit and a matching pair of tan shoes, or sending a picture (from Instagram) of a pair of shades to your brand and getting personalized product recommendations based on your persona, brand affinity, price band sensitivity, colour preferences, and a plethora of other nuances.

The Xpresso CommerceTM team at the product launch at ShopTalk 2017

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