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AI-driven Reskilling & Problem Solving Platform

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At aidemy, we bring cutting-edge practices in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Big Data and Crowd sourcing to some of the world’s biggest business challenges and the organizations taking them on.

We have Clients ranging from Top CMMi Level 5 Companies to Healthcare & Retail Giants in US.

What do we offer?

1. Reskilling services to equip your associates with the latest technologies

We recognize an organization’s need for a variable talent pool in order to achieve efficiency. Keeping that in mind, we offer tailored programs to develop your associates with the right level of skill and aptitude through our portal.

2. A collaborative problem-solving platform

We understand any Organization would love to innovate by bringing in the collective and collaborative Intelligence of its people. Similarly their Clients would like to solve their business problems with a quick turnaround time.

Datathon is a unique platform that brings in mass intelligence to solve problems of all kinds. It enables you and your clients to express business problems and attach datasets on one side while allowing a global team of experts, comprised of your internal team as well as external experts, to solve them on the other.

The Distinguishing Factor:

Participants can access the training materials via our online platform aidemy and can start learning at their own pace.

Each trainee is assigned a mentor to guide them through the training period. The training consists of two parts; an asynchronous and a synchronous part, as described below:

The asynchronous part:

1.Online videos with training content and modules.

2. Discussion forum that acts as a collaborative platform where participants can ask questions with SLA of twenty-four (24) hours for an expert response.

3. Evaluation scores for each trainee after completion of module assignments.

4. Weekly report of trainee progress to their manager(s).

The synchronous part:

1. Each trainee connects with the Mentor once a week at a pre-scheduled time to discuss progress, content materials, questions and issues.

2.Manager(s) meeting with AIA manager once a week at a pre-scheduled time to discuss trainee progress.

We look forward to receiving your feedback/suggestions/expression of interest at aia@abzooba.com.

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