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Living it up with Abzooba

All work is no fun. So at Abzooba we keep engaging in fun filled activities.

Abzooba Premier League

The Abzooba Premier League was almost as exciting as any big club football event. From start to finish the audience cheered for their favourite teams keeping alive the vigour and enthusiasm. The collage says it all..

Bollywood Blast

On 11th October, the entire office binged on Bollywood. A fun Bollywood quiz with tricky rounds was organised which had the participants show off their “filmy” knowledge


The Pune office had a tryst with nature during their outing to I-camp Resort. Away from the challenges of a desk job, the team had to build a raft and cross a small distance of the river Krishna on it. The trip also included some engaging team building games and led to the discovery of some singers and composers as well. For their Annual Outing, the Kolkata office went to Sunderbans, the land of Royal Bengal Tigers and Mangrove trees. It was a road trip from Kolkata office to the ferry ghat at Godkhali and thereon a boat journey to the hotel in Sunderbans. Deers, Crocodiles and a variety of birds were spotted during the boat safari through the narrow creeks of mangroves. Tribal dance, cocktails and barbeque dinner lit up the evening. All in all an unforgettable trip.

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