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Loss Prevention in Retail using Computer Vision…

Items left on the bottom of the shopping cart during checkout is a major source of revenue loss for retailers. Abzooba addresses this problem with a Deep Learning Solution using TensorFlow, Visual Geometry Group and Convolutional Neural Network to enable tighter shrink control

Increase annual revenue – between $4,500 to $6,000 per store per month

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Our Chatbot is your
customers fashion

Abzooba developed a smart Chatbot made available in Facebook messenger which could double-up as your online fashion advisor. The ‘Style BOT’ is capable of text, voice and visual search and builds fashion profile based on customer engagements.

Net promoter score increased to 80% after the solution was

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Price Optimization…

Price Optimization has direct impact on revenue and profitability. Our engine uses predictive analytics and the concept of product price elasticity based on product segments across geography, stores, demand, etc. to recommend prices for maximizing profit

Y-o-Y 1.8% increase in profit on an average

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Contactless Checkout…

Contactless checkout is an out of the box self-service solution that helps retailers to shorten the checkout time for their consumers, and enhance the overall in-store shopping experience. Abzooba has built a Deep Learning Solution to detect SKU instances using TensorFlow for object detection

Detection accuracy of 93% and reducing the
checkout time by almost 45%

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Markdown Solution

The Markdown optimization solution empowers retailers to plan, optimize and execute profitable markdown decisions for short and long lifecycle
merchandise. Our solution is built using Machine Learning algorithms to
predict optimum markdowns for retailers

Helped the client negotiate better markdown contracts
with Retailers

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Automated E-Mail

Retailers receive a high volume of e-mails from suppliers and needs to classify e-mail based on their content. Abzooba has developed a solution which automatically categorizes e-mail using Natural Language Understanding to help communications team track incidents and maintain their Service Level Agreements

Increased operational efficiency, better visibility of email flow and an organized view of all emails.

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Unified Customer
Experience Management

Customer Insight is a key component to success for any enterprise. By providing an Omni-Channel listening platform which crawls data from multiple sources like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and categorizes feedback across various contexts and sentiments using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

~27% reduction (Y-o-Y basis) of customer complaints
combining all channels

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