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Migration & Analysis of Images

Retreiving ECG data stored in fragmented storages for analysis results in reduction of efficiency. Abzooba’s solution integrates multiple sources of data into a data lake, with relevant metadata being generated for each ECG image, using machine learning and image processing components, thus enabling quicker and efficient search.

Increase efficiency of processing huge volumes of image metadata by 70%

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Big Data Platform and Application Support

For a healthcare provider based in Pennsylvania, Abzooba tracks runtimes and monitor health of QlikView, ETL and batch jobs. Our solution also communicates with downstream/upstream systems in case of any delays and performs data extract validation for Hospital data, Ambulatory data, AJRR data, etc.

Proactive job monitoring, automated batch execution, and reduce the overall execution time

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Provider Data Transformation

Modernizing data framework to support both structured and unstructured data is the key for building AI/ML capabilities. Abzooba has created an integrated data lake for historical data, data from legacy systems and multiple data sources like Blockchain, National Practitioner Data Bank, FHIR, Plan Database, etc.

Reduction in administrative and maintenance cost by above 40%

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