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Our contribution to cognitive Healthcare

Real-time Healthcare Bigdata Analytics…

Insightful Business Optimization Metrics on segments like Patient Adherence, Provider Management, Finance Management, Pharmacy, Inventory Management was made available to external clients besides internal stakeholders with a complete Big data platform with BI and Advanced analytics solution including Data Lake.

Lowering of projected infrastructural expenses by one-third.

Chargemaster Analytics…

The chargemaster analytics solution quantifies and verifies whether payments to providers are within permissible limits as laid down by Contract Language and Charge Description Master.

Over $50 million in potential billing increases above permissible limits detected.

Claim Adjudication Analytics…

Natural Language Understanding and Advanced Machine Learning solution helped to accurately categorize diverse healthcare and hospital domain lingo in itemized billing and came out with the claim adjudication automation process.

40% increase in assessment speed for claim adjudication.

Improve Underwriting Process…

This solution involves improving the pricing and customer service for its group insurance customers by predicting medical cost through a fundamental factor based statistical model using Input data like Claims data, Enrolment Data, Prescription Data and Member Data.

82% accurate cost prediction at a personalized level achieved.

Actuarial Informatics…

The solution, utilizing ML Algorithms, enables the client to pinpoint eligible individuals who have not availed medical screening facilities. Business rules, adhering to HEDIS measures and guidelines have been incorporated into the algorithms.

Increase in income by around 35% due to the increase in the number of medical screenings


The solution helps in reading the scanned prescription notes using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Models and categorizing the insights into disease, procedure and drug using a medical ontology.

The solution is enabling the client to increase notes analysis efficiently by 42%.

Sentiment Analytics…

Machine learning techniques are being used to automatically categorize patient feedback as either positive, neutral or negative and relate them to separate business aspects.

Considerable increase in the positive sentiments along with an increase in the performance ratings.

ECG Data Analysis…

This solution utilizes image processing components that use Machine Learning are employed to generate relevant metadata for each ECG image. Big Data technology is used for quick analysis and retrieval of required data.

Efficiency of processing huge volumes of image metadata at scale has increased by almost 70%.

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