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Our contribution to cognitive Healthcare

Real-time Healthcare Bigdata Analytics…

Insightful Business Optimization Metrics on segments like Patient Adherence, Provider Management, Finance Management, Pharmacy, Inventory Management was made available to external clients besides internal stakeholders with a complete Big data platform with BI and Advanced analytics solution including Data Lake.

88% Average accuracy for adherence prediction achieved.

Chargemaster Analytics…

The chargemaster analytics solution quantifies and verifies whether payments to providers are within permissible limits as laid down by Contract Language and Charge Description Master.

Over $50 million in potential billing increases above permissible limits detected.

Claim Adjudication Analytics…

Natural Language Understanding and Advanced Machine Learning solution helped to accurately categorize diverse healthcare and hospital domain lingo in itemized billing and came out with the claim adjudication automation process.

40% increase in assessment speed for claim adjudication.

Improve Underwriting Process…

This solution involves improving the pricing and customer service for its group insurance customers by predicting medical cost through a fundamental factor based statistical model using Input data like Claims data, Enrolment Data, Prescription Data and Member Data.

82% accurate cost prediction at a personalized achieved.