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AI permeates the Banking & Finance Sector

Explore our AI-powered innovations in the banking sector

Property and Casualty Subrogation Analytics…

Subrogation is a term describing a legal right held by most insurance carriers to legally pursue a third party that caused an insurance loss to the insured. Abzooba’s expertises in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithm (ML) to…

Subrogation Solution

The solution brings down processing cost drastically.

Credit Risk Modeling…

The Credit Risk Modelling solution helps banks and financial institutions to access and administer present and future credit risk exposure across various assets classes. The solution has reduced the rate of defaulters considerably.

Credit Risk Modelling

Prevented a potential loss of $1.2 Million in 1st year itself

Document Retrieval Using Deep Neural Networks…

The document retrieval system creates articles and blogs from millions of internal as well as external documents (pdfs, business and financial news, reports, etc.) by querying the corpus and retrieving relevant paragraphs and sections from reference materials.

Document Retrieval System

Effective Document Retrieval System results in 90% boost in productivity

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