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Datathon – What is it?

Datathon is a unique platform that brings in mass intelligence to solve problems of all kinds. It enables our clients to express their business problems and attach datasets on one side while allowing enthusiasts to solve them on the other.

How will this benefit Abzoobians?

You can experiment with latest cutting-edge technologies and compete against each other to produce the best results. In return, you shall be rewarded with prize money and recognition.

What is in store for your friends?

We are creating a larger community wherein people from outside Abzooba, such as your friends, can join and contribute by participating in Datathons The Systems Approach

We provide a secure environment where our clients can describe their business problem, provide the data and host a Datathon.

Participants will use different procedures to fabricate the best result.

After the Datathon has ended, our Data Science & AI Gurus will hand-pick the best model and forward it to the client.

The winners get rewarded and recognised.

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