Case Studies
Unified customer experience management suite
Business Problem:

A single platform for various channels listening that connected to analytics for actionable knowledge.

Abzooba Solution:

A global Quick Service Restaurant Chain operating in India for over a decade is the fastest growing country within the company. With fast growth comes unforeseen challenges, one such new-age digital challenge is omni-channel listening platform connected to analytics for actionable knowledge.

XpressoInsightsTM was deployed to develop a customized solution as we have the extensive expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning. In conjunction with Apache Storm (a superfast parallel data processing infrastructure to crawl huge volumes of data real-time provided relevant customer feedback from varied sources real time. The feedbacks were analysed to relate to human expressions such as: complains, advocacy, suggestion or opinion. It also accurately assesses sentiments (positive, negative and neutral) with various business aspects and customer touch-points such as the quality of food, service, ambience etc).

Business Benefits:

Increase in Zomato rating from 2 to 4.1.
Average 35% organic increase in Facebook and Twitter followers.
27% reduction in customer complaint combining enterprise CRM and email.

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