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A note from “The weCan Montessori, Savitur” for AASTHA – A CSR initiative of Abzooba

The ‘weCan’ Montessori is the school to go to for more than 50 children with mild to moderate challenges like autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Downs’s syndrome, etc., which do not allow them to be a part of regular schools. These children require personalized plans, therapies, and programs to address special needs.

Since each program is personalized for every child, the numbers must be kept at a manageable level. The children are divided into 2 batches with different timings so that the educator-child ratio is low, and intervention is effective.

Trained and experienced professionals run the intervention program, which includes special education, speech therapy, sensory therapy, occupational therapy, tabla therapy, dance and movement therapy, and play therapy. Constant enhancement of knowledge and strategies through training sessions by experts along with extensive content creation is the priority at ‘weCan’.The children have daily routines that include activities like yoga, art, craft, and music. They begin each day with prayer and aerobic exercises. Besides one-to-one interventions, group activities are an essential part of their social and interpersonal development, focused on helping them adapt to society.

Emphasis is given on daily living skills like self-grooming, cleanliness, hygiene, eating, and so on. Mealtimes are fun; they learn table manners while learning to share and care. The aim is to help the children overcome their disabilities in order to lead a fairly independent and dignified life.

The children are strategically exposed to public places such as parks, malls, airports, and railway stations to help them integrate effectively into their communities.

Some children have been identified to have academic goals. They are now following a specialized curriculum, preparing them for OBE / NIOS sections. Others have functional academics as a part of their programs, which helps them acquire basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills.With the help of co-curricular activities, the children are introduced to pre-vocational skills like baking, chocolate making, crafting gift bags, and computer skills. These are wholesome projects that involve planning, budgeting, shopping, and marketing. This helps gauge the potential of each child to plan for the future course of action.

‘weCan’ is the perfect place where children with special needs can learn and grow at their own pace. The prepared environment and predictable daily routines offer stability. With great pride, ‘weCan’ confidently says that every child is learning and growing. Thanks to the in-depth, well-researched strategies and plans implemented by a very efficient, passionate, and dedicated team.“AASTHA – A CSR initiative of Abzooba” supports weCan with heart and soul. Special education services are expensive and not all families can afford it. It needs constant enhancement of resources and training, and we will never be able to do justice to these children without the generosity of “AASTHA”.

A big thank you from the weCan family to the Abzooba family for this invaluable partnership.

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