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My Journey with Abzooba…

– Sunit Sushil

Just out of my previous adventure with one of the leading IT companies, I was taking a holiday in the Himalayas when I received the call from Abzooba, India regarding an urgent opening for the position of Quality Analyst back in the year 2013. Joining this exciting and upcoming start-up was one of the best decisions I have made. I came back from my holidays and joined Abzooba to start my first project.

I was the 26th employee of Abzooba and we had a very small but extremely dedicated group of associates, who made my transition very smooth. While working, I learned about the excitingly new platform – xpresso that Abzooba was working on. It was an Aspect Sentiment Analysis tool that utilized Natural language Processing. I was intrigued and asked if I could contribute to it. Fortunately, there was an opening for a QA position, as xpresso was taking an upward curve. I immediately joined the team and from there it has been an exciting, enlightening, and adventurous journey growing with Abzooba. I remember when we moved from a small 4 room office to 160 seater capacity office in Kolkata, India, and I could already see that Abzooba was going places. Since then, I have grown exponentially in my career and now find myself managing the exciting new platform – xpresso.ai, an ML Ops platform. I am based out of the headquarters in the USA at present. Abzooba has been the biggest part of my career and I would echo our CEO’s voice that “Abzooba is a family”. Abzooba is turning 10 now and has become one of the fastest-growing organization in the landscape of Data Analytics. It gives me immense pride in knowing that I have contributed my 7 years of dedication to this growth and along the way have made many friends, and learned new and exciting things. I have become a better professional. I could not be more grateful.

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