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My Journey with Abzooba…

– Sudhanshu Kumar

It has been 5 years since I joined Abzooba. I still remember the Campus Hiring day at IIT when the Abzooba team had come for the presentation and interviews. Even though it was a small organization then, Abzooba was able to attract a lot of talent due to the quality of work and use of the niche technologies. Starting as a Research Associate in Kolkata, I worked on some cool technologies like NLP, deep learning, and more during those times. I later moved to Pune with an advancement in my role to join Abzooba’s platform team – xpresso.ai and then shifted to US to work with large clients as Data Scientist.

I got a chance to contribute to the company in different roles, starting from a Research Associate to a Senior Data Scientist, by leading teams, helping in sales, campus recruitment, organizing events and many more.

I have been fortunate to be a part of such a vibrant organization and see it grow over the years. This has helped me and many other fellow colleagues to grow, not just in their career but also as individuals. The good thing about the organization is that the leadership team is always approachable. They have helped me time and again, whenever I needed their guidance. It has been a great journey, have learnt a lot, won several accolades and awards, and made some real good friends. I congratulate Abzooba and all the associates on completing 10 years of journey and hope to see it grow more and more.

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