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My Journey with Abzooba…

– Saurav Nag

Wow Ten years!! it’s been a decade of an incredible ride full of ups and downs. I am privileged enough to witness Abzooba’s journey of ten long years and have seen it growing from a small 10 by 10 feet room in Kolkata to big beautiful offices in prime business locations in India and US. It was a rainy afternoon when I got a call from one of the managers of my previous organisation who was all set to launch a tech start-up and since then my journey started.

Abzooba started with 4 people in October 2010 and thereafter some of our old colleagues joined in March 2011. With 2 more new juniors, we were about 12 people and it was a “Band of Brothers” for quite some time who slogged for hours, fought and screamed together to get the best piece of work delivered, and even simple things like ice-creams or having lunch from each other’s lunch boxes could make us forget all the tiredness and made us happy.

Abzooba from its inception worked in some of the niche technologies ranging from Social Media Analytics, Semantic search, NLP, News aggregator to Bigdata. I still enjoy the memory of being joyous and excited on the installation of Abzooba’s first 4 node Hadoop cluster inside an SODC way back in July 2013. It then started growing at a fast pace with some corporate giants as customers and hence there was a need of shifting to large offices. While in the journey we lost some, but have also gained so much and we are still growing as a family. Starting my journey from Kolkata, I have moved to Pune after 9 long years and feel privileged enough to grow with the organization. I still learn a lot while delivering exciting solutions to our customers. We believe in making data transparent and accessible and in delivering remarkable softwares that everyone can afford. We do believe that all of this can be done with real generosity of spirit and action. Cheers to the ten remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support!

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