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My Journey with Abzooba…

– Mayank Gupta

I have been associates with Abzooba for around 4 years now, and it’s been a great journey.

I joined the Pune office initially which had a limited seating capacity then and have so many fond memories of that time to cherish, which I still carry along with me. I have witnessed the vast growth and expansion of Abzooba since then. It has grown 3 times of that, and we are setting up new milestones every day to achieve with all the zeal and happiness.

I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to work for Abzooba in the United States as a lead data scientist and that’s how my transition from Abzooba India to Abzooba Inc happened. Now it’s almost 2 years I am a part of Abzooba US team. This organization has got a pool of people with rich and diverse experience. I worked with a great team offshore and the same experience I am having while I am onsite as well. The fellow colleagues here have helped me a lot to grow, learn, and shape up my professional career.

Abzooba with a flexible, open, and supportive culture has given me a great experience throughout my tenure so far both personally and professionally. I have also been appreciative of its practice of hearing out the views and ideas of its people and acting on them accordingly.

I am ever thankful to Abzooba leadership for showering their unconditional support on me always.

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